Binance Support Phone Number

Binance Support Number

So we know what exactly is the Binance Support Number 1-(855)-653-7184 What exactly can be the reason why we need to get in touch with Binance Customer Support number ?But why do we need it ? when do we need it ? While using world top notch exchange from binance, we face several issues related to accounts, transactions, crypto, investments, 2FA etc. So in order to get it fixed now all we search is for Binance Support number from Bing or Google, but there is one problem. Scams !! There are alot of scams going on these days. Beware of all the scams.

To avoid all these scams Binance started their own Customer support number( Binance Support number). So now we all know we have the number with us to contact them, but still go ahead and read more in this blog what can be done to avoid any problems faced calling Binance. But for once we know Binance Support number is 1-(855)-653-7184.

About Binance Support Phone Number

Binance is the world's number one exchange started by Changpeng ZhaoBinance is a global cryptocurrency exchange. They provide a platform for trading(buying or selling) more than 500 cryptocurrencies. This exchange Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume or liquidity. This Binance exchange is a professional platform with all the market data, their price actions and respective blockchain project information about bitcoin, etherium and all other major crypto projects.

Binance Support number

More about Binance Customer Service Number

Binance was founded in China as we all know this. But do you know they moved its servers and headquarters out of China due to government policies and regulations in September 2017. And Now they are headquartered in Taiwan.

In January 2019 Binance is the largest crypto-exchange with a BNB market capitalization of over billion dollars.

Now lets talk about the Binance Support Number again, why do we need it ? what kind of problems we face to get in touch with them. Lets talk about some problems below.

  1. Problem with login activities. If you don't remember your account details or if you accidently lost it. Then you need reset details, you can do that by going directly on Binance website but if you don't have access to email, that is a problem. For that you need to get in touch with Binance Customer Service Number.
  2. 2FA issues with binance. Sometimes we don't have access to google authy or 2FA setup by Binance. And sometimes we face issues with Binance one time passwords. For that best way is to call 1-(855)-653-7184
  3. Trading Issues. If your account or app is not working properly you can re install the app. but if the problem persists then there is some problem with the settings. you can get this corrected by getting in touch with Binance Support Number.
  4. Problems with transactions. If you accidently send money to some other address then that money is lost. You cannot recover it but you can try by getting in touch with them.
  5. Deposit or withdrawl problems can be corrected too if get in touch with the right binance Support.

More specs about Binance Customer Service Number

Binance Support Number 1-(855)-653-7184 is the only legit number available on Bing or Google. Don't go anywhere else as you know there are alot of scams going on these days including crypto. So you can't trust any other number available anywhere. In order to avoid this binance itself announced Support number line to fix all your issues or your queries. So we all know what world we are in. Some of the important points to remember.

  1. Binance Support number is fast, You can get in touch with them under 2 mins and can expect fast solutions.
  2. Fast Solutions : They will email you with all the resolutions from them for your queries.
  3. Live Support : you can get live support with them for any of your issues.
  4. 2000 employees : they have a team of 2000 employees or live tech to help you out.
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